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This is a general guide to give you an idea of base prices. This base price includes a delicious cake, filled with ganache, covered in coloured fondant with simple decorations. The cake includes lettering or name plaque. Additional decorations, figurines, patterns, flowers and scenery boards are all priced individually and are added to the base price of the cake. 

Base price for round fondant covered cakes:
PLEASE NOTE: Dessert sized serves are 1" x 2" x 4" slices. Wedding/coffee sized serves are 1" x 1" x 4" slices. 

4" - 6 dessert or 12 wedding serves-  $80
5" - 8 dessert or 16 wedding serves - $100
6" - 14 dessert or 28 wedding serves - $120
7" - 20 dessert or 40 wedding serves - $140
8" - 26 dessert or 52 wedding serves - $160
9" - 30 dessert or 60 wedding serves - $180
10" - 38 servings or 76 wedding serves - $210
11" - 42 servings or 84 wedding serves - $240
12" - 56 servings or 112 wedding serves - $270
14" - 78 servings or 156 wedding serves - $300
*Square cakes will incur additional costs as they have larger serving sizes. 

Tiered cakes
Add the price of the two single tiers together. Additional costs may occur for extra support should the cake require it. (see below for pictures and prices) 

Sculptured cakes 
Sculpted cakes take longer and require more time and attention to detail, this is the high cost end of a custom made cake. Cakes are priced according to the artistic labor and degree of difficulty involved. As a guide, they range from $200 – $500+

Mini cupcakes $24 a dozen for simple decorations
Cupcakes topped with a simple decorations $3.50 each
Cupcakes with large decorations, Rocky Road, Malteasers etc $4.50 each

Cupcakes with small handmade topper $5 each
Cupcakes with babies or angels $9 each
Giant cupcakes start from $160
(Minimum order 1 dozen cupcakes)

Small simple handmade cupcake toppers and figurines start from $25.00 each, figurines such as people start at $45 each. Detailed toppers or people start at $75. Toppers can also be made to order and packaged ready for you to put on your own homemade cupcakes. 1-2 weeks notice is required for most handmade toppers.

Toppers and figurines can be packaged and shipped across Australia, usually taking up to 10 days in regular post. A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required to allow plenty of drying time for figurines to ensure they are firm enough to be packed and posted. I can custom make any toppers for your cakes and cupcakes, just ask!